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If You Aren't Following This Simple Traffic Getting Method... Then You Are Doing It ALL Wrong...


Dear Traffic Hungry Marketer,
What Do Sites Like:

BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, Drudge Report, Deadspin, Pinterest, etc.

All have in common?

They cheat. Legally.

That's right...

There is a reason you have been working your butt off only to have others "Stealing" traffic away from you.

There is a reason that you aren't going to be ranking for those "golden keywords" you keep dreaming about any time soon.

There is a reason that you keep spinning in circles trying to find the "perfect" traffic solution for your business...

It's because you don't know the shortcut yet...

The shortcut Google guys like Matt Cutts DON'T want you to know about...

But before I reveal what that short cut is, let me just PROVE to you that it really works. That I am not just throwing some random theory B.S. at you:

Here Is A Recent Example Where I Put This "Short-Cut" Into Action On My Own Site

some amazing website stats using our techniques

more amazing website stats using our techniques

showing some income we received from our online marketing

So, What's The Big Secret?

Now, before I reveal this short-cut you have to promise me something...

You have to promise that you when I reveal this short-cut you don't immediately start saying:

"Well, I heard..."

You should know by now... I don't care about rumors, hype, theory or "mental masturbation"... I ONLY care about results...

And if YOU only care about results, then I am more than happy to share this shortcut with you... but if you are more concerned with forum fodder and what the guy down the street said about his website from the early 90's... then you can go ahead and click away. This shortcut won't be of any use to you anyways...

OK. Are you ready?

The secret behind the big curation sites we mentioned above is that they LEGALLY "steal" their content from other sites.

And Google LOVES it!

"Curation is (and always has been) BY FAR the easiest and fastest way to fill your site with QUALITY, ENGAGING content that Google Loves!"

Curation is the single, most underrated SHORTCUT to having Google shower you with converting traffic that I know of.

And visitors love curating sites, too.

Huffington Post (one of the sites on the list you just read), after being established in 2005, has been sold to AOL in 2011 for 315 million dollars.

Still think curating isn't worth it?

With ICC Express, you’ll have the following:

"If someone put a gun to my head and I only had a chance to say ONE THING to you before they did me in, it would be...


It’s easy to dismiss curation as yet another hype that’ll blow over. But it’s here to stay.

In fact, I discovered the power of content curation quite by accident - you can see from the analytics I shared above, how curated content out-ranked unique professionally written content on a niche blog.

That's right - with absolutely NO BACKLINKING, copied content pulls more visitors than any other post (unique, professionally written) on this blog. By a big margin!

Here's another video with a little more in-depth look at some of the things ICC Express can do:

Here's The Best Part About Content Curation

You see, when you start curating your own content, you entire mindset changes... and THAT is priceless for ANY entrepreneur.

Because when you curate your content:

Sounds too good to be true, right? Smells a bit like hypey b.s. doesn't it?

So in the interests of full disclosure here's the kicker:

Yes, this process of curation can genuinely be just a tiny amount of 'work' in a topic area that you love that will pay you a significant amount of money. No word of a lie there...


You do have to put forth a TINY bit of effort to make this work.

Not a lot... but money won't magically appear in your bank account just because you "Want it" bad enough...

Still reading?

Awesome! Love it! That's got rid of all those time wasters. You've got what it takes so for you we'll go the extra mile!

Look I don't have to sell you on the idea of curation. Look around. Put your ear to the ground. The train has already pulled into the curation station.

Just listen to what Steven Rosenbaum (CEO of Magnify.net, the largest real-time video aggregation and curation engine on the Internet and certified expert in his field) has to say:

"Let's face it, we're drowning in data. Our inboxes are flooded with spam, we have too many "friends" on Facebook, and our Twitter accounts have become downright unmanagable. Creating content is easy; finding what matters is hard."

The top curation sites are worth millions of dollars (think HuffPost, PerezHilton, DrudgeReport etc.). The facts don't lie. The validity of curation as a business model isn't in question. What is in question is...

Are YOU Going To Grasp The Opportunity or let someone else take it from you?

Now you might be saying,

"Great! I want in... how do I start making this happen?"

The answer is surprisingly simple...

Because up until now in order to curate content you would have to:

I can see why you haven't been doing MORE of this type of marketing... doing it all MANUALLY is a PAIN... you might as well just trying something else if you are going to be doing THAT much work...


You don't even have to do the TINY bit of manual work that MOST content creators do on a daily basis... because I designed a piece of software that DOES ALL THAT FOR YOU!

Introducing Instant Content Curator Express!

Imagine if in the time it takes you to curate and manage one blog, you could instead curate and manage, say, 10 blogs? All without having to the HARD manual WORK yourself...

All other things being equal -

This translates DIRECTLY into 10 times MORE earnings for doing the SAME amount of work!!

This Incredible Piece Of Software Automates the Menial Tasks So You Can Focus On The Important Stuff

With ICC Express you NEVER have to worry about things like:

  • Searching for relevant images that are legally free to use...
  • Finding and navigating to relevant articles...
  • Logging in to each of your blogs one at a time...
  • Navigating to the posts page and manually posting and formatting your curated content...
  • Searching for relevant Youtube videos copying the embed code and hoping it works on your blog...

Nifty Features That Make This Software A
No Brainer For Your Business...

ICC Express is an Adobe Air application that runs on both PC and Macintosh so you can get access NO MATTER your computer preference

But That's Not Even The Most Impressive Bit...


All these features I just listed already make this one of the BEST content curation pieces of software you have ever seen...

But you know what?

It isn't good enough to be "ONE OF" the best... I want this piece of software to rock your socks off... to be THE BEST... which is why when you pick up your copy of ICC Express you will get the fully operational, recently updated, and incredibly powerful Keyword Matrix functionality which is the DEEP ENGINE behind this software...

Allow me to explain...

Pull ONLY The Content That Helps You Rank

Our “keyword matrix” allows you to pull keyword-based, laser targeted content based on the keyword structures you define for each profile.

That might sound like a bunch of techno-talk but it is this simple:

When you choose to target content by keyword... you get ONLY the best content that keyword has to offer... guaranteed.

This is the lifeblood function of ICC Express... and it works like MAGIC!

Check out what some of our users have to say about ICC Express:

"SEO for hotels is a highly competitive market. I compete every day against the big boys with BIG teams and even BIGGER budgets... my budget is zero. The only way I have been able to consistently be competitive is with ICC Express. This software program has earned me many front page rankings... I have been able to dominate the first page with up to ten of the listings... in some cases for searches based around an event coming to town my hotels have had 100’s of hits, all coming in through a curated post."

"Often, I cannot get a video to rank, either because of the competition, or simply because Google does not put a video on page one for my chosen keyword... no problem, I simply curate my own video to a website blog post using ICC Express and that blog post will make page one! I am not sure what kind of magic Hugh has put into this program but the bottom line is it works!" -- Dana Prieto, January 14th 2015

If you’ve been looking to get into curating content for your websites, but the prospect of working every day on mind-numbing manual tasks has held you back - this is your chance to get into the game!

"So, What Makes This Product So Different?"

Similar so-called content curation systems only give you the bare-bones, non-keyword specific, content that you need!

What ends up happening with OTHER curation software is that your blogs turn into a bunch of garbbled nonsense filled with unrelated content... it not only makes you look bad to your readers but it KILLS your SEO!

Still other high-end curation softwares will provide you with the same features we are providing today as long as you fork over $197... Ouch!!

With ICC Express, You get ALL the benefits of the BIG curation software WITHOUT having to pay the BIG TIME price.

But first...

This offer may be pulled at any time without warning. So to ensure you receive all these special bonuses, you must order now!

Order Now And I Will TEACH YOU How To Use This Software To GROW YOUR BUSINESS In LIVE Strategy Session Form... COMPLETELY FREE!

It would be one thing if I were to hand you the reigns to a powerful machine like ICC Express... you would probably be able to figure out how to get it to make money for you...

But I also know that you are an INCREDIBLY busy person and that you don't have time to be wasting trying to "figure it all out"... which is why, if you buy RIGHT NOW I will show you EXACTLY how to use this software, AND how to use it to create a STEADY stream of reliable traffic and income...

Completely free...

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Truthfully, I should be asking much more than $77 (I normally charge AT LEAST $97 or $197 PER YEAR subscription), because I'm handing you your own business on a plate essentially - in such a way it can be completely set up in 40 Minutes!

Heck, just the time you save from not having to do EVERYTHING manually is worth hundreds of dollars...

Either way it's a great deal anyway you look at it...

YES Hugh - I'm In!

I understand that I will be getting instant access to ICC Express for my payment of $77 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you're generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee

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24 hours from today, you can be nothing more than 24 hours older or you can be on your way to finally building your own money-getting opt-in list ASAP. You decide!

Save time, save money, and save the headaches of trying to do it all yourself! Invest in the ICC Express today and enjoy your instant shortcut to online profits...

To order your instant money-getting curation software and receive access in just 3 minutes from now (even if it's 2 a.m. in the morning) place your order now...

P.S. If you are NOT planning to invest in ICC Express, then please ask yourself this question -- "How will I create the level of traffic that I need to build a TRUE 6 figure business online" If you can't answer that, you must order now!

Special 72 Hour Deal - Developer License Just $37!

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P.P.S. How much more time and money will you waste trying to figure it all out yourself? Opportunity is knocking. The time to act is now!


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